Social Distancing Dividers: Providing Transparency as we speak!

Due to covid norms, the whole globe has been in a prolonged painful wait to be together out in public. There were lockdowns imposed all across the world which led to a total shutdown of bigger companies, hotels, cafes, shopping malls, and other such crowd gathering places.

Therefore, when it came to reopening the same, people had to take extensive precautions so that they don’t contract the virus.

Even though fully vaccinated, the risks of getting contracted with the virus weren’t fully gone, there were chances that you could get covid through some reason. Therefore, meeting your friends or working in the office was still a big question.

But the businesses can’t stop because everybody has to earn their keep, therefore social distancing divider Singapore came into the picture.

social distancing dividers Singapore

What are social distancing dividers?

It is essential to cover your face and your nose to reduce the chances of contracting the virus that spreads like the common cold and has initial symptoms like a viral fever.

Therefore, social distancing dividers were introduced for offices and places like restaurants where acrylic sheets of specific equal dimensions were made and were fixed on the table to provide the people visiting with a cabin-like space.

This space allowed the visitors and the customers to strictly stay in their quarters and the sheets that were made also allowed them with the perfect barrier so they don’t contract the virus while talking to their friends.

Even though masks are mandatory when outside but it is impossible to keep wearing a mask when you are eating something, therefore, restaurants were in dire need of these sheets.

The social distancing divider Singapore served to be a very huge relief for people with commercial business, they could carry on with their businesses without having to worry about not following the covid norms and regulations that made the use of such products.